Vision and Mission



1.  To Deliver Quality and timely Dedicated, Emergency Tertiary and critical Medical Services (including Diagnostics, Treatment and follow-up to the poor and needy) and Medical Education.
2.  To bring cutting edge technology and setting standards in Medical Education.
3.  To see that the fruits of the High-end Technology and Training should reach to the poorest of the poor.
4.  The Tertiary health care services are accepted by the patients must be reaching to the patients in rural and tribal areas in addition to the urban areas.
5.  The Training in medical education must be useful to the common man in common areas.
6.  To equip the Young Doctors to face the Challenges in critical medical care.



1.  To Provide Specialist Medical Care and Services to people through Hospitals
2.  To impart quality Medical Education to Under Graduates, Post Graduates Students.
3.  To provide training in paramedical courses like Nursing , Medical and Laboratory Technology etc through Medical Colleges and Teaching Hospitals.
4.  To Promote Health Care Facilities through Teaching Hospitals and Specialist Hospitals.
5.  To develop Human Resources in Medical Science through different Institutions under it.
6.  To promote Research and Development.



  • To provide good teaching staff to the required number to various government institutions.
  • To provide sufficient budget to the institution’s so that they operate in a healthy environment.
  • To provide dummies and other training materials, even hands on training for the skill development.
  • To provide administrative training.
  • To provide field training so that the students have an over view of the realities in the community.
  • To improve the condition of hostels and institution’s according to the place, environment and climate of their location.
  • To build up the importance of values of life within service providers, while serving the community.
  • To maintain the scientific research and their publication in national and International journals.
  • To participate in Disaster Management & Emergency services.
  • To participate in all the National Programs maintaining the interest of community within the rules and regulation.